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Lymphedema physical therapy techniques
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Oncology Rehabilitation

Why Oncology Rehab?

More people are surviving after a cancer diagnosis than ever before.  Surviving means returning to the best of your ability to activities that you were able to perform before your diagnosis.  Cancer treatments frequently alter your mobility, strength and energy as well as reduce your overall fitness.

Current research states participating in a specialized oncology program during and after the course of cancer treatments can restore your overall health and improve medical outcomes.

Oncology Rehab Benefits

  • Physical therapy that adapts to your treatment schedule and tolerance for activity

  • Improved physical outcomes during and after cancer treatments

  • Increased tolerance to chemotherapy through lymphatic and movement-focused therapy

  • Minimized loss of strength and mobility associated with cancer treatments

  • Extensive education on Cancer Related Fatigue and activity modifications

  • Restore strength, motion & function after cancer treatments

Specialized oncology physical therapy
can improve medical outcomes.
What can you expect from Oncology  Rehab at Creative Rehab?

  • One-on-one evaluation and treatment by a licensed physical therapist who is trained in the specific issues related to cancer recovery

  • Treatment with the same therapist every appointment

  • Private treatment rooms

  • Specialized treatment customized to your condition

  • Advanced treatment techniques specific to cancer related conditions

  • Extensive education to assist in self care and physical recovery

  • Instruction in appropriate home and self-care for your diagnosis

  • Instruction in an exercise program to assist in fitness recovery

  • Caring, professional staff from the first phone call to the last contact

Specialized Care: Robin Flory PT, CLT, DPT, CAFS


Robin Flory PT, CLT, DPT, CAFS joined Creative Rehab in April 2012 with extensive experience in Cancer Rehabilitation.  She is a Certified Lymphedema Therapist as well as a Cancer Exercise Specialist.  Through her experience and professionalism she has built strong relationships with many local Oncologists and Plastic Surgeons.

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