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Fit for life is a series of sports programs that provide a wide range of information to individuals, teams, coaches and the community focusing on the needs of athletes across the spectrum of skill and age.

How Can Physical Therapy Help Me or My Team?

As an individual, physical therapy can provide an individualized assessment and exercise plan to address specific functional needs to improve your sport performance such as core stability, flexibility, and agility training. If you have an injury, we can format your program to support your goals of return to play with our post-injury rehab experience. As a team, physical therapist can work with your coach and team to provide a combination of education, exercise programs and screening to aide you in maximizing the health and fitness of the team.

Programs Include:

Fit For Life

Sport Fit

  • 13-18 years old

  • Team Training

  • Injury Rehab

  • Running Program

Kid Fit

  • 8-12 years old

  • Core Screens

  • Therapy for Balance, Core, & Stability

Community Fit

  • Educational Classes

  • Injury Rehab

  • Running Program

Improve your sport performance through core stability, flexibility, and agility training.
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