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Exercises for golf mobility
Disability to Ability

Transitions Golf is a unique collaboration between the licensed physical therapists at Creative Rehab and Jana Brinton, an experienced LPGA Professional.  Through golf screens, lessons and golf specific physical therapy, this program is designed to provide every golfer, from beginner to expert, the opportunity to work on their game and help identify risks and prevent injuries related to golf.

What Does the PT/Golf Professional Screen Include?

You will meet for 30 minutes with an LPGA Professional who will evaluate your pre-shot routine, fundamentals and swing to assess and identify your specific issues or limitations.  You will receive correctiongs, club evaluations, suggestions and drills to improve your game safely. 

Additionally, you will have a 30 minute session with a licensed physical therapist to be screened for flexibility, strength and balance specific to golf needs.  You will be given instructions and exercises tailored to your specific needs to support your goals.




Golf ball on tee
Golf stance for posture
1 Golfer + 1 PT+ 1 LPGA Professional = Better Golf!

Transitions Golf

What are the benefits of the Transitions Golf Program?


The collaboration between a physical therapist and golf professional provides you with the following benefits:

  • Identify functional weakness/limitations

  • Correct balance limitations

  • Correct loss of mobility

  • Improve strength and flexibility throughout the swing

  • Correct form that leads to injury

  • Expand your team to support and improve your golf game

Transitions Golf Services

Our menu of Transitions Golf Services may include any of all of the following:

PT/Golf Professional Screen:     $100

30 Minute Golf Professional Lesson:     $50
60 Minute Golf Specific Physical Therapy:     $120*

* If an injury is present and you have a diagnosis/prescription for physical therapy, your insurance will be billed following standard fees and obligations.

To learn more about Transitions Golf or to schedule your golf screen Please call 847-599-9171.  To contact Jana Brinton about scheduling a golf lesson please call 847-340-6082.

Protect and improve your assets for a lifetime of low numbers - Call Today!

Jana Brinton, LPGA Professional


Jana Brinton is a Class A member of the Ladies Professional Golf Association and has been teaching the game of golf for over 25 years.  Since 2000, she has been a manager and instructor at the Lake County Forest Preserve Golf Courses and previously owned and managed a golf instruction center.  She has been accredited in instruction for golfers with challenges, restrictions, disabilities, sports injuries, replacements and reconstruction since 2003.  Jana has extensive experience and is comfortable with helping people who have limitations find alternative ways of playing the sport they love.

LPGA Professional
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