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Post - COVID Rehab

Why would therapy be needed after COVID-19?

Common symptoms related to COVID-19 can include coughing, difficulty breathing, limited endurance and poor oxygenation. Due to these symptoms, muscles in the neck and upper back can become tight to help with breathing. The spine in the neck and upper back can also stiffen due to the stress of coughing and inactivity. The tight muscles and joint stiffness in the upper trunk can create pain in the neck, ribs, upper and mid back. Additionally, people may struggle with correct breathing mechanics after suffering from these symptoms. Overall while ill, people are less active which can cause muscle loss and deconditioning as they try to return to normal activities. 

Benefits of Physical Therapy After COVID
  • Decrease pain 

  • Boost endurance

  • Correct breathing mechanics 

  • Restore mobility in restricted joints

  • Improve flexibility of tight or sore muscles

  • Increase strength of weakened or deconditioned muscles

  • Guide safe and full return to daily activities, sports, and exercises

What Does Post-COVID Rehab Include?

Your licensed physical therapist will evaluate your pain and limitations to discover the root cause of the issues. From this information, your therapist will develop a specialized therapy program to address your flexibility, mobility, strength, and endurance needs to safely guide your return to activities and exercise. Therapy techniques may include massage, stretching, breathing facilitation, muscle re-training, strengthening and endurance training. 

When is it Safe to Start Therapy?

Once your doctor determines you are no longer contagious and you feel well enough to participate you can start physical therapy either through Telehealth or in the clinic. A doctor's prescription is not needed to start physical therapy unless you have Medicare. We are taking several precautions to keep all of our staff and patients safe. See below:

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