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What to Expect


Welcome to Creative Rehab! 

We are a privately owned clinic owned clinic that has been around for 20 years because of the great relationships with our patients and with the community. Our philosophy of care is based on a strong belief in the partnering between the patient and therapist in order to maximize function and treatment success. That is why we believe in 1 on 1 treatment with only a licensed physical therapist! 

What to expect for the first visit:

  • Bring your license, insurance card, current medication list and a current doctor's prescription (if you have one)

  • Wear clothing that you can move in and that allows us to assess the injured area

  • Please print and fill out the initial paperwork

  • Arrive 5-10 min early for your appointment to review and fill out any additional paperwork

  • Your therapist will ask questions and perform an evaluation to assess the cause of your pain or injury

  • Each session will last about an hour

  • Future appointments will be scheduled with your therapist 

What to expect for future visits:

  • Sessions will be with the same therapist and last about an hour

  • Your therapist will work to educate you on the root cause of your pain or issue to effectively resolve your symptoms 

  • Communicate openly with your therapist to ask questions, address concerns and vocalize how you are feeling

  • Wear clothing that you can easily move in

  • Perform your home exercise program consistently for maximum benefit


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Patient Education is a Priority at Creat
"Our philosophy of care is based on a strong belief in the partnering between the patient, physician, and therapist..."
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