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Why Choose Us

Treatment Philosphy

At Creative Rehab we believe that therapy is not one size fits all and that you are more than just your injury. All treatment is individualized to find the cause of your pain or injury. This allows us to efficiently treat patients to allow for a complete recovery. We look at patients from the foot to the head to get a complete picture of what is going on inside the body. By only looking at the site of injury we could miss important information that would contribute to a full return to life or sport.  

Focus on You

Focus on You

All of our sessions are an hour long without double booking your appointment. Therapist treat only one patient per hour to allow full focus on your rehab. We believe your care should be performed by a licensed physical therapist without passing you along to an aide or tech.  We keep you with one therapist (unless on vacation) throughout the span of your treatment, which allows continuity of care. 

State of the Art Facility

Our clinic has private treatment rooms to allow maximum privacy during treatment. We have a therapeutic pool on site for aquatic therapy when patients benefit from un-weighting. On site we provide a work simulation station, sports gym, and rock wall. 

"Our mission is to provide 
 the highest quality assessment,
 treatment, and education to 
 each patient."
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