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Insurance Policies

Creative Rehab's goal with insurance billing is to avoid any unexpected surprises for our patients at the time of billing. Our billing practices are based on the belief that access to quality physical therapy should not be limited by participation in managed care plans which places excessive control for care in the insurance companies' hands. Therefore, we are able to accept most PPO, POS, Worker's Compensation, Personal Injury and fee for service plans as an out of network provider. In order to avoid penalizing the patient, we accept insurance assignment on an out of network basis, and generally waive part of the penalizing out of network deductible and co-payment. We do expect the patient to pay for any in-network deductible and therapy per visit co-payment if applicable. In some instances the out of network deductible is too great to waive. In this situation, the patient is informed and options are discussed related to a modified billing arrangement or referral to another clinic with the physician preference identified.


•  This allows us to treat a wider range of patients many of whom have received therapy in an in-network clinic without  

   full resolution of their presenting problem.
•  We are an in-network provider for Blue Cross Blue Shield.
•  We actively pre-certify each patient and inform them of their benefits prior to the start of care. Our goal is to avoid any

   unexpected surprises from our billing to the patient.
•  We directly bill the insurance for the patient and work diligently to receive payment for services avoiding patient

   invoicing when ever possible.

Referrals may be faxed to 847-599-9124 and phoned to 847-599-9171


As of 2018, Creative Rehab now accepts Medicare insurance. Under Medicare guidelines, patients are responsible for a yearly deductible and a 20% co-insurance may apply. Supplemental insurance will cover patient's co-insurance however if Medicare denies payment your supplemental insurance will deny as well. If you carry a medicare replacement plan such as Aetna Medicare Advantage, United Healthcare Medicare Advantage or any other replacement plan, coverage will be based on an Out-of-Network basis. Due to Medicare guidelines, co-insurance cannot be waived or discounted and a doctor's referral for PT is required for all Medicare policies. 

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