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Running Program & Assessment

Why does a program that is specific to running matter?

Running is a complex chain reaction that requires significant joint stability and symmetrical mobility to avoid pain or dysfunction. Running specific rehab identifies and improves the key areas that are necessary for proper running form. Whether you currently have pain or want to prevent pain, rehab can help accomplish your goals by working on strengthening, stability, mobility, and running form. 

Is the running program and assessment only for experienced runners? 

No! This program can be beneficial if you are just starting, run occasionally or are training for a race/sport. This is a great way to prevent/correct bad habits and asymmetries. 

Running Program Includes:

​The physical therapist will perform a thorough head-to-toe musculoskeletal evaluation to identify contributing factors to an injury or inefficient running form. A video analysis of the runner's form will be taken in slow motion to further pick out faulty running mechanics. The physical therapist then will provide a tailored exercise program to address the runner's specific strength and mobility needs. If an injury is involved the therapist will guide the runner through a return to running program to reach the desired goals.  

Possible Issues to Address:


  • Single leg balance

  • Hip/glute strength

  • Hamstring strength

  • Foot mobility

  • Hip flexor flexibility

  • Eccentric calf control

  • Standing posture

  • Pelvic and lower extremity alignment

  • Core strength

  • Running form (see below)

​What happens during a Running Assessment?

​​The runner starts by running for 6 minutes to warm up and normalize running form. The PT videos the runner for 30-60 seconds from the side and for 30-60 seconds from the back. The runner and PT will watch the video and break it down together. It’s important for the runner to see themselves performing the task in order to make corrections. Video review allows for greater movement correction compared to verbal cueing or demonstrating alone.

Benefits of a Running Assessment:
  • Identify faulty mechanics during running broken down by running phase and joint

  • Receive recommendations specific to you from a physical therapist

  • Track progress with changes in form

  • Develop a customized strength and mobility program based on your assessment

60 Min Physical Therapist Running Assessment & Follow ups:   $135/session

* If an injury is present and you have a prescription for physical therapy, your insurance will be billed following standard fees and obligations.

Call today to schedule a running assessment or buy a gift card! 

Initial Running Assessment
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