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Post- Offer Screenings

Decrease work comp claims to save money & protect employees 

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Businesses are financially impacted every year by worker's compensation costs, loss of productivity and administrative expenses associated with injuries at work. The National Safety Council found that 34% of work related injuries are from sprains, strains, or tears which are usually preventable. Research has found that these types of injuries cost on average between $16,000 to $32,000 per incidence

Although a potential employee seems qualified from an interview, how do you know if they can physically complete the job safely? A tailored, physical assessment for each job in a company is proactive way to avoid injuries and save money. Creative Rehab's post-offer screens are developed specifically for your company and performed by our highly trained physical therapists who can assess areas of previous injury or weakness that could be a problem in the future. This protects the employee and your business. 

Benefits of Post-Offer Screenings

  • Decrease worker's compensation claims

  • Avoid loss of productivity

  • Lower turnover of employees

  • Increase appropriate employees for the job

  • Reduce work related injuries

  • Gain knowledge about employees to keep them safe

Why Choose Creative Rehab

  1. Save Time: We work to have a candidate screened within 72 hours of calling 

  2. Decrease Risk: We provide a comprehensive, functional job site analysis and screening development

  3. Be Supported: We strive to be a partner with each company and protect your business

Call today to set up a job site analysis!

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