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Youth Sports

Early sport specialization in pre-teens and teens increases the risk of pain and injury in kids. Year round practices and repetitive movements can cause overuse injuries. Studies have found that kids who only participate in one sport year round have an 81% increased risk of a musculoskeletal overuse injury compared to kids that play multiple sports throughout the year. This increased risk can be mitigated by participating in other sports during the off-season or by having a tailored mobility and strengthening program to prepare the child's body for their sport. 
How Can Physical Therapy Help Me or My Team?

As an individual, physical therapy can provide an individualized assessment and exercise plan to address specific functional needs to improve your sport performance such as core stability, flexibility, and agility training. If you have an injury, we can format your program to support your goals of returning to play with our post-injury rehab experience. As a team, physical therapists can work with your coach and team to provide a combination of education, exercise programs and screening to aid you in maximizing the health and fitness of the group.

Benefits of Physical Therapy with Sports

  • improved core stability

  • Education on potential risks or injuries

  • Rehab for pain and injury

  • Running Assessment to prevent injury

  • Multi-directional strengthening and mobility

  • Sports specific strengthening and training

  • Patient education to avoid re-injuring area

Improve your sport performance through core stability, flexibility, and agility training.

Source: "Sport Specialization and Risk of Overuse Injuries: A Systematic Review With Meta-analysis", PEDIATRICS Volume 142, number 3, September 2018:e20180657

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