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Insurance FAQ's

Insurance FAQ's

Will my insurance cover my therapy if Creative Rehab is not in my plan?
In most cases, if Creative Rehab is not a preferred provider for your PPO or POS plan, you do not assume any additional financial risk than if the care was received through an in-network provider. The additional penalty for an out-of-network provider is partially waived and the co-payments do not exceed the in-network amount. Due to the method of reimbursement for HMO, Creative Rehab is unable to provide services.

How can Creative Rehab waive the large out-of-network deductible?
Our goal is to provide excellent therapy services while maintaining a streamlined budget. Being privately owned and operated, we do not incur the high expenses associated with supporting multiple management levels and large corporate buildings. Our private clinic allows for a relaxed one-to-one environment with access to equipment and techniques needed to achieve excellent outcomes without the large overhead of larger facilities.

Do I pay for therapy at the time of service?
When able, we will contact your insurance company prior to the start of therapy to determine your benefits. This information is shared with you at or before the initial evaluation. Co-pays, co-insurance, and deductible payments are required at time of service. Creative Rehab will bill your insurance through our 3rd party billing company and patient statements are billed once a month. We strive to avoid surprise bills or charges.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to call 847-599-9171

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