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What our patients say about us...

"First class staff. They did much more than therapy. They are truly concerned about the people they treat. I would never ever consider going anywhere else."

“My therapist was always positive and encouraging. She listened and never pushed just was positive and supportive. I’m back 100%. Thanks!”

“Thanks a bunch. Injury free and about to run another ½ marathon. Last week made it past 10 miles for the first time since injury last fall.”

"My care and treatment were outstanding. My therapist was wonderful! Her knowledge and ability were superior. She was always so personable and made my therapy enjoyable."

What our Patients Say About Us...

"Excellent facility- wonderful staff- very knowledgeable!"

“My therapist was a true godsend. She is the first person in 10 years of having fibromyalgia who truly helped me with my neck, shoulder and head pain. She listened, created a very doable exercise program, encouraged me and inspired me. Her care and expertise were wonderful! The staff and atmosphere was also very friendly and accommodating.”

“Creative Rehab= AAAA+++”

“I was suffering for over a year and had sought PT with another place. This was the first time I felt relief from my symptoms and hope I would improve. I continue to use the techniques I was taught to manage my symptoms.”

“If it wasn’t for my therapist I don’t think I would be fully functional, she taught me how to fix myself when my back goes out. Because of her I can still work and support myself.”

"My back pain was so critical and debilitating upon meeting My therapist that I truly didn't know if I could go on...She managed my situation with the greatest dedication and professionalism... She saved my life!"

"I received excellent care and also all employees were helpful and friendly."

"I've been to physical therapy elsewhere in the past and feel that this was far superior experience. I really like the one-on-one approach. The facilities are awesome and everyone there is great and felt like family."

"I have been in therapy elsewhere a number of times. This was by far the best."

“Therapy has changed my way of living for the better. I wish I had had these tools much sooner!”

“I refer everyone that I can. They were very professional and concerned for patient recovery.”

"I was comfortable working with my therapist. She seemed knowledgeable about what she needed to do to get me better. I was first going to a different therapy place for 3 months with little or no improvement. The exercise programs were very different so I continued going to give this therapy a try. I'm very happy I did. I continue at home and am very satisfied. Thank you!"

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