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Hypermobility Rehab

Welcome! The purpose of this site is to provide information to the hypermobile community (especially Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder) from the experience of a physical therapist. Information found here does not serve as a fix all, but a jumping off point to help connect the dots. Hopefully my experience and desire to develop more techniques for hypermobility will help you. See more about me below.

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Yoga Practice

Sometimes after finally getting a diagnosis, patients still feel stuck. Either they do not fully understand the diagnosis, do not know the next step to take or have had bad experience with healthcare providers.  

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Having hypermobility can make it difficult for other people including healthcare professionals to understand what you are going through. Often there is a lack of information and the assumption is that you look "normal" so you must be ok. 

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Tips to manage hypermobility pain

Physical therapy is the best treatment and management for hypermobility related issues, however there are ways to manage your pain at home and help you be more independent. 


Hello! My name is Nichole Harju PT, DPT and I am a licensed physical therapist who specializes in EDS and HSD. I have worked with hypermobility my entire career but started to focus and learn more about EDS in 2014. As there is very limited information and research about how to treat EDS, I have learned and created my own philosophy through trial and error with each patient. Essentially each of my patients is research and they teach me. My understanding about patients who suffer from EDS and HSD is continually evolving because every patient presents differently and there is still so much to discover about this diagnosis. The information and tips on this site are from my experience and the world according to me. Other therapists and health professionals have differing views which is great because treatment should not be a one size fits all. Find whatever treatment and philosophy works best for you. 

Patients are seen in the clinic and billed through insurance. Virtual consultations are also available with private pay. Call to set up an in person appointment or click below to email me regarding virtual consultations. 

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