Firefighter performing exercises in his gear
A swat police officer performing strengthenng in gear
A Worker practice carryng to prepare for return to work

Work Injury Management

Creative Rehab provides a complete, individualized Work Injury Management Program that focuses on returning you to work safely and efficiently. This allows for decreased frustration, reduced time off work and prevention of future injuries. Our therapists work to provide comprehensive treatment that encompasses the whole body in a functional approach tailored to what you need to do.  Creative Rehab’s functional, whole body philosophy allows us to treat patients more effectively and efficiently. Our patients only see licensed physical therapists that focus on your specific work requirements and body limitations.

Work Related Acute Injury Physical Therapy

If a work related injury occurs, our therapists are skilled at addressing the acute injury, preparing the injured worker for work activities and promoting safety and body mechanics to assist in injury prevention. From the start of care, our staff focuses on what the patient needs to return to work and life. By involving work requirements in treatments from the beginning, we are able to efficiently return the patient back to work safely and prepared to perform at a high capacity.




Return to work safely and efficiently.
Work Conditioning

Work Conditioning sessions can last between one to four hours based on need for three to five days a week. Therapists design programs to develop strengthening, flexibility, pacing, endurance, and correct body mechanics specifically for your physical limitations and job requirements. Programs progress into job simulation activities to ensure proper job skills training. An on-site job analysis may be performed if needed to ensure accurate job simulation. The goal of our Work Conditioning program is to safely and effectively assist an injured worker in a rapid return to work.

Onsite Injury Prevention Lectures

The best way to prevent a work related injury is through education. Our skilled physical therapists are equipped to provide targeted lectures for your company's job requirements. These lectures are focused on the most common issues or injuries that your company experiences. Education will include background of the cause of an injury and actionable steps and exercises on how to prevent it. Lecture format and time are all customized to the company's availability. Call today for more information or to set up a lecture at your job. 


Job Site Analysis

Our professionals are able to evaluate your work environment when needed to identify specific considerations that will help an injured worker’s return to work and support safety initiatives for injury prevention. The on-site evaluation includes measurements and observations of work positions, postures and physical demands including but not limited to work levels for lifting weights, work stations, repetitive movements, tools used and sustained/dynamic postures required to complete the work.  After evaluating the job requirements on site, therapists can more specifically develop a return to work program and/or provide recommendations for job modifications based on ergonomic principles to maximize safety and support injury prevention.