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Exercises for golf mobility
Golf stance for posture
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Golf Assessments

What Does the PT Golf Assessment Include?

Golfers will have a 60 min session with a licensed physical therapist. The screen assesses specific flexibility, strength, and balance requirements needed for golf. Based on the results
of your screen, the physical therapist will provide instructions and exercises tailored to your specific needs to support your goals. Whether you want to prevent an injury or want to improve your swing mechanics, a golf assessment is a good place to start!


What are the benefits of a Golf Assessment by a PT?


  • Identify mechanical limitations

  • Correct balance issues

  • Improve flexibility asymmetries 

  • Increase strength needed to support a powerful swing

  • Correct form that leads to injury

Golf Assessment Services:

60 Min Physical Therapist Golf Assessment & Follow-ups:   $135/ session

* If an injury is present and you have a prescription for physical therapy, your insurance will be billed following standard fees and obligations.

Call today to schedule an assessment or buy a gift card!
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