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On-Site Injury Prevention Lectures

A Worker practice carryng to prepare for return to work

Work related injuries greatly impact employees and business for many reasons. Injured workers have limitations at work and home while businesses lose money and productivity. Both sides of the injury has negative repercussions. To make matters worse, studies show the longer an injured employee is out of work the less of a chance of ever returning to work. After 6 months off the job, there is only a 50% chance of returning at any capacity. 

The best way to prevent a work related injury is through education. Our skilled physical therapists are equipped to provide targeted lectures for your company's job requirements. These lectures are focused on the most common issues or injuries that your company experiences. Education will include background of the cause of an injury and actionable steps and exercises on how to avoid it. Prevention of work injuries cuts down on worker's compensation costs and time off work.

Goals of Injury prevention lectures

  • Highlight possible warning signs of bigger injuries

  • Review proper set up and body mechanics 

  • Discuss tips for pain management

  • Demonstrate adjustments to decrease repetitive stress on the body

  • Educate techniques for injury prevention

Sample Lecture Topics

  • Neck pain with computer use

  • Back and shoulder pain with repetitive movements

  • Back and knee pain with lifting

  • Lifting mechanics

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