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  About Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is the art and science of evaluating and treating a variety of illnesses, diseases, injuries, and functional deficits with the use of exercise, physical modalities, manual techniques, and patient education. Physical therapists are specifically trained to assess the functional limitations of the patient and develop a customized program to facilitate a successful return to activities.

The use of therapeutic heat, cold, electrical stimulation, and manual techniques may be used to assist with pain relief as function is restored in the affected joints and muscles. Physical therapists strive to treat the whole person by assessing loss of function directly and indirectly related to the injury or limitation.

Physical therapists incorporate the mind body connection as a critical factor in restoring a person to maximum function. At Creative Rehab, physical therapists extensively educate their patients to increase their ability to self manage after discharge, decreasing the need for further medical care and improving long-term health and wellness.

"Physical therapists strive to treat
 the whole person by assessing
loss of function directly..."

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