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Jayne Armondo


Jayne Armondo joined Creative Rehab in 2001.

"My philosophy of care is very functionally and educationally based..."

Bachelors Degree in Psychology & Athletic Training: University of South Dakota
Masters of Science in Physical Therapy: Regis University
Certificate in Therapeutic Massage: South Dakota School of Massage Therapy

Certified Athletic Trainer
Board Certified Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork

Yamuna Body Rolling
Bodywork for the Child Bearing Years

FMT Blades

Certification of Applied Functional Science


What are your clinical interests and specializations?
My clinical interests and specializations include working with the entire body to support the rehabilitation of the injury or weakness.  I have advanced training in the thoracic spine, TMJ, vestibular and balance issues, post concussion rehab, sports related injuries, TMJ, and have extensive experience with shoulder, neck, hip, lower extremities and chronic injuries.   I have a strong athletic rehabilitation background and injury prevention background working with the University of South Dakota's basketball, football, swimming& diving, track & field, and cross country teams, later with high school athletes, ironman athletes, and marathoners.   I love working with patients in the specialties of balance issues and vestibular issues.  My philosophy of care is very functionally and educationally based, facilitating the person's body to be successful with all movements and activities.  I work to educate each patient to understand their injury or issue, and to empower each patient to know their body and what work to make them better and keep them well.    

What inspired you to become a physical therapist?
I was inspired to become a physical therapist after doing rehabilitation following a knee surgery in 1992.  From that point I sought to learn more about the different aspects of rehabilitation to provide a individualize approach to my patients, no matter what level of function they have. I am continually amazed by how our bodies work as an integrative system, and how therapy should be applied in this way.

What do you appreciate most about working at Creative Rehab?
What I appreciate most about working with Creative Rehab is that we all share a common philosophy that the patient is important and deserves the highest quality care.  Education and functionally based care is very effective in rehabilitation and gives patients the tools they need for long term wellness.  My colleagues are all amazing therapists and we are able to collaborate to improve care for our patients.  Our clinic is unique in that we are all physical therapists and work one on one with each patient to be consistent with their care.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
I love being outside, music, the experience of life, traveling to National Parks, and being silly with my kids and family.  I enjoy different sports and feeling how our bodies work to let us play.

Recent Continuing Education Classes
FMT Blades

Advanced Treatment of Concussion

Rotator Cuff and Labral Pathology Post-Op Rehabilitation

The Running Athlete


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