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Ice, Ice or Heat, Heat Baby?

Ever had pain and wondered if you should use heat or ice? The internal dilemma of hot vs cold can quickly cause a tornado of confusion. Have no fear Dorothy, we can get you back to Kansas. Follow these basic guidelines to help aide your aching joints and soothe your strained muscles.

If you think of a basic workout routine, you start with a warm up to get your body loose before the activity and end with a cool down to settle your body after the activity. Here is where the light bulb turns on (BING)... Same rules apply for your body dealing with pain. If you have soreness after waking up and have a full day of work ahead (the activity) then use heat. Conversely, if you have worked all day (activity) and you are having pain then cool things down with ice.

Simple as that.


These are general guidelines for individuals that are not acutely injured or have not recently had surgery. Please follow the instructions given by your doctor or another healthcare provider if explicitly outlined.

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