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Creative Rehab was founded in 1998 as a home based clinic. Rapid growth has brought us to our current state of the art facilities with pool, sports simulation room, climbing wall, private treatment rooms and work simulation station. We are conveniently located in Gurnee, Illinois mid-way between Milwaukee and Chicago.

Our Mission is to provide premier physical therapy services within a 1:1 evaluation and treatment model. We emphasize comprehensive patient education and customized function based programs. Our individualized care is provided only by licensed PTs which is critical to achieve our successful outcomes and our high level of patient follow-through. Our patients are scheduled without double booking, allowing us to focus our attention on each patient, which improves our outcomes and frequently reduces our sessions required for return of function.


Our private treatment rooms and spacious gyms support our individualized functional approach to evaluation and treatment.

Our Mission is to provide premier physical therapy services within a 1:1 evaluation and treatment model.

Competitive Compensation /Bonus Program
Generous Paid Time Off / Maternity Leave Options
Clinical Ladder
Short Term Disability / Worker's Compensation
Term Life Insurance
401K Safe Harbor
Health Club Benefit
APTA dues
Clinical Liability Insurance
Flexible Schedules

Points of Interest
Physical Therapist owned
High quality 1:1 patient evaluation &treatment
Only licensed physical therapists in patient care
State of the art facilities with sport and work simulation areas
Diverse/Strong referral base
99+% patient satisfaction
Cross consultation & co-treatment with other staff
Over 140 years of staff experience

What our Therapists Say You Need to Know

1 on 1 Patient Care, PTs only
One Hour Appointments
Functional Approach to Treatment
Focus on Patient Education
Orthopedic Therapy
Sports Therapy
Aquatic Therapy
Women's Health

Unique Orthopedic Clinics
Beautiful Clinics with Private Rooms
Pool, Sports Simulation and Climbing Wall
Strong, Diverse Referral Sources



State of the Art Clinical Care
Outstanding Professional Support!
Flexible Scheduling
Mentoring & Co-Treatment
Opportunities for Learning & Growth
Program Development Support
Low Turnover
Professional Autonomy
Excellent Benefits

Physical Therapist Owned & Operated
140+ Years of Clinical Experience


Physical therapist, full time, part time may be considered 

Job Classifications
Positions currently held within Creative Rehab include:

  • President/Owner

  • Director of Operations    

  • Physical Therapist   

  • Senior Phyiscal Therapist 

  • Excutive Assistant

  • Receptionist 

Creative Rehab is an equal opportunity employer.

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