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Cancer. Related. Fatigue. Oh My!

A cancer diagnosis of any kind is never easy. Although the treatment options for cancer continue to grow and become readily available they are not without side effects: hair loss, intestinal changes, appetite changes, surgeries, compromised immune system, fluctuation in blood work and fatigue.


Yes, Cancer Related Fatigue is Real! This particular type of fatigue is persistent and does not improve with sleeping, a protein shake a, or when all your blood work reads in the "normal range". It can be a side effect of cancer treatments, a result of low hemoglobin, or a related to an ongoing cancer if you were diagnosed with metastasis. Often Cancer Related Fatigue just exits for no rhyme or reason and it can last for years after your diagnosis. This fatigue can affect your ability to work, to do errands, accomplish chores, and can have an affect on your relationships.

What can I do?

1. Get rest when you can. Even though it may not eliminate the fatigue, it will help to have energy for when you need it.

2. See a nutritionist or dietitian to discuss how food can be a powerful tool not only for your fatigue but also for your immune system and blood counts.

3. Get some exercise! Research shows that while going through cancer treatments light exercise has the most beneficial response. This means walking around the block, a relaxed bike ride, or even light gardening is enough. Find something you love to do and go do it! There are mental and emotional benefits to moving well.

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