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Power in the Stance

Superhero Power Stance

Did you know one single change in your exercise routine can decrease back pain, engage your core and help prevent injury? We have been trained to exercise with our feet directly under our hips as we work with free weights, resistance bands and/or pulley machines. This standing posture can set us up for biomechanical failure!

Dun, Dunn, Dunnnnnn

Just by moving one foot forward into a straddle stance we set our bodies up for success. This stance decreases the amount of stress on our spine, engages our core (abdominal and glut muscles), improves our posture and allows more muscles to engage in our movement.

IN FACT, don't just save this power stance for exercising! When you are standing at the counter, waiting in line at the grocery store, or typing at your standing station at work - move your feet into a straddle stance. You will feel the difference!

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