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During your rehab process we will work closely with you to help you regain your function. In order to succeed we will work together as a team, which requires good communication and participation. Because your injury is work related and covered under Worker's Compensation insurance, the time you are with us is considered work time and follows the same attendance/communication rules you have at work. The following are the established guidelines we follow regarding attendance, participation, documentation and communication:

•We will work with you in scheduling appointments to avoid conflicts and cancellations.

•Cancellations/tardiness for therapy follows the same policies as your work. It is important for you to attend all of your appointments in order for your successful recovery from your injury. Pain is not a reason to miss an appointment.

•We will document all cancellations/missed appointments in addition to calling your physician regarding the missed appointment. It is important for your doctor to be aware of your participation in therapy.

•Please keep in mind that missed appointments may result in loss of benefits from Worker's Compensation as determined by the doctor and the insurance company. We do not make that determination.

•We will communicate with your doctor and/or caseworker as needed to assist in your overall recovery. If you are not already working we will make recommendations related to your work ability to your doctor. Your doctor makes the determinations regarding your progression into work duties.

Our goal is to have you return to your prior level of function. In order to do this we need to work together. Please let us know any specific concerns you have related to your injury so that we can better assist you.

Worker's Compensation Guidelines

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